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In the breathtaking expanses of the NSW Southern Highlands, a refuge and sanctuary awaits those in pursuit of profound connection: Highlands Centre for Healing. The perfect place for all who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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‘Eureka Pines’, 674 Nowra Road,
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Equine Therapy & Accommodation Package
Equine Therapy & Accommodation Packages

Start down that road toward feeling whole again

As days become a blur of obligations, notifications and societal pressures, it’s easy to lose touch with the truth of who you really want to be.

Horses are nature’s therapists. They help you find calm and focus that you’ve lost in your regular, bustling life. Equine Therapy offers you healing and wellness beyond your expectations.

Combining Equine Therapy with time away in paradise is our solution to your need for a reset, a refresh or a reboot.

Package inclusions:

    • Accommodation at “The Stables”, Highlands Centre For Healing
    • An individual Equine Therapy session



  • A Reiki session with the herd
  • A one-hour walking trail ride in the Australian bush (experienced riders only)
  • Wine + cheese hamper
  • Breakfast hamper
  • Surprise gift hamper for your loved one (tell us what you need!)


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Guest reviews


Stayed at Soo’s place for x 2 nights, attending a wedding very close to Soo’s. The booking matched the description. Soo was very quick at responding to emails, I appreciate this… Whilst I chose the location due to a wedding I was attending, I would find it more than suitable for site visiting in the Moss Vale area, close to Fitzroy falls, etc. The kitchen is equipped to cook as you need, great for staying at home after a day out. Limited 4G which was great. Thank you Soo!


May 2023


My 4 night stay at Eureka Pines was a profoundly beautiful and soul enriching experience so much so that this without a doubt is my favourite AirBnb experience to date! Soo is beyond amazing as a host and a beautiful person through and through and her love, care and devotion for her horses and dogs is so endearing that as a fellow animal and nature lover this place spoke to me in volumes and I feel very grateful for having met Soo, and felt so welcome by all her animals and shared this amazing space and vistas with them all. Finding a little shady spot under the gum trees to enjoy a book with Ziggy or Magnet ( Border Collies) by my side or a glass of red under a starry night by the fire… pure magic!


January 2023

When was the last time you truly felt alive?

Bridge the gap between who you are and who you yearn to be

Holistic healing

Under Soo’s expert guidance, engage with horses who can help you find your trapped and suppressed emotions, creating breakthrough moments of self-awareness and healing that traditional therapies often take years to achieve.

Uninterrupted calm

Our accommodation is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a sanctuary of calm. Awaken to the melodies of nature, bask in serene landscapes, and feel the weight of the world melt away. You might be surprised with how heavy your load has been.

Digital disconnect

Experience the liberation that comes from a genuine digital detox. This getaway in NSW, Australia inspires you to disconnect from devices, encouraging introspection and heartfelt conversations. You’ll finally get to hear your own thoughts again.

Life lessons

Experience firsthand the power of horse wisdom and how it can transform your understanding of core values: trust, respect, and compassion. Absorb life lessons that linger long after your stay.

Healing just for you

This trip is a bridge to a clearer mind, a stronger body, and a more peaceful spirit. Get clarity. Put things into perspective. And be a step closer to the version of you that you can’t stop daydreaming about.

Hit pause on the buzz

No phones. No emails. No deadlines. When you take a breather under the stars and around nature, you’ll feel so much more alive. And that’s what life is all about — do more things that make you feel alive.


The Stables at Highlands Centre for Healing

Unique accommodation in the Southern Highlands

About Soo Woods

Your therapist & healer

“It is always a privilege and honour to be witness to another’s healing, to help people find clarity and ultimately their authentic selves.”

Soo has been passionate about helping others for a long time. A trauma-trained somatic practitioner and compassionate individual, Soo is empathic, intuitive, grounded, and a Master at holding space for others. She empowers clients to become more aware of their emotions and behavioural patterns and to heal what is ready for release.

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