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In the breathtaking expanses of the NSW Southern Highlands, a refuge and sanctuary awaits those in pursuit of profound connection: Highlands Centre for Healing. The perfect place for all who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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‘Eureka Pines’, 674 Nowra Road,
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Wellness Retreats for Women

Wellness Retreats for Women

Wellness Retreats for Women

Do you ever find yourself lying awake at night, mind racing with to-do lists and responsibilities?

Between the demands of work, family, and trying to keep up with the expectations of being everything to everyone, it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. In the rush to meet the needs of others, your own wellbeing often takes a backseat, leading to burnout, stress, and a yearning for a deeper connection to self and nature. 

You’re not alone. We started Highlands Centre for Healing specifically for women like you.

Our wellness retreats for women serve as a reminder of the simple joys in life, the strength of connections, and the healing power of nature.

Nature-immersed experiences

Whether you’re travelling solo or with some girlfriends, from the moment you get out of your car, you are in safe hands

All you have to do is show up and enjoy. Our wellness retreats for women are carefully planned long before your arrival. Experience memories that you’ll cherish long after you return home.

  • A non-competitive, non-judgmental circle
  • Lasting friendships with like-minded women
  • Heart-to-heart conversations and workshops
  • An unbeatable atmosphere
  • Tools to navigate life’s ups and downs

Nature-immersed experiences

See women begin to glow as the cares of the world melt away

a somatic therapy session with one person applying a hands-on technique to another's back

Wellness Retreats

Our wellness retreats for women address topics like self-esteem, work-life harmony, and passions. They’re a return to your essence, a place to find balance and peace in a world that demands so much.

trail riding in forest

Women’s Equine Afternoon

Picture a group of amazing women sharing time riding through the bush together, offering something back to their horse, and then gathering together in circle, sharing stories and laughter over afternoon tea.

Equine Therapy

Engaging with horses, even in simple activities like walking beside them, can help you learn so much about yourself. These majestic creatures provide a path to understanding your emotions and struggles.

What others experience in the Southern Highlands


E-MOTIONS (Emotion Code), April 2023

Today was a beautiful experience with Soo and her wonderful herd, and along with Jo's teaching into emotion code techniques to help manage our emotional life and releasing trapped emotions. I loved it. Thank you with all my heart to you all, especially the horses!


Carer Retreat, June 2023

Beautiful energy - from the gate! I left my thoughts crowding my head, I tuned into the energy of the land, animals and the gift of nature. Very special space. Highly recommend!


Airbnb Accommodation, January 2023

The location is magic and the overall experience was very special. Waking up to the sound of horses just outside our window was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and found the stable accommodation very clean and comfortable. We will definitely be back. Thanks Soo!


RENEW YOU (EFT tapping), September 2022

This day was great, relaxing, calming and what I needed so thank you to everyone for making the day beautiful.


HEAL (sound healing), October 2022

Thank you for having me in your beautiful, peaceful space. I enjoyed my time here and will remember this forever.


HONOURING LOSS (rituals and practices), March 2023

Learnt some interesting things on how to deal with feelings of loss and couldn't have been in a more beautiful place to do it.

We can’t wait to welcome you

Airbnb Accommodation

Stay in thoughtfully designed spaces that provide comfort, safety, and a place for quiet introspection. Wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and spend your evenings under a blanket of stars