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In the breathtaking expanses of the NSW Southern Highlands, a refuge and sanctuary awaits those in pursuit of profound connection: Highlands Centre for Healing. The perfect place for all who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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‘Eureka Pines’, 674 Nowra Road,
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Retreats & Workshops

Designed for your health and wellness

Our events are perfect for those needing a stress leave or a weekend off. Feel inspired, refreshed, and stronger than you did before.

Highlands Centre for Healing proudly presents:

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The very best health and wellness retreats in New South Wales, Australia

Discover Australia’s breathtaking natural wonderland with our health and wellness retreats that are designed to provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our retreats offer a holistic approach, nurturing wellness from physical, mental, emotional, to spiritual. Because genuine wellness extends far beyond superficial transformations.

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Wellbeing workshops

Learn the basics of something in a day. Use it for a lifetime to heal yourself and others.

A happier, healthier you is within reach. Our mini/half-day wellbeing workshops allow you to learn something new — perhaps a healing modality you’ve been interested in for a while, Reiki training to master the healing touch, or even tools to better understand your emotions.

What you’ll also experience in the Southern Highlands


RENEW YOU (EFT tapping), September 2022

This day was great, relaxing, calming and what I needed so thank you to everyone for making the day beautiful.


HEAL (sound healing), October 2022

Thank you for having me in your beautiful, peaceful space. I enjoyed my time here and will remember this forever.


HONOURING LOSS (rituals and practices), March 2023

Learnt some interesting things on how to deal with feelings of loss and couldn't have been in a more beautiful place to do it.


E-MOTIONS (Emotion Code), April 2023

Today was a beautiful experience with Soo and her wonderful herd, and along with Jo's teaching into emotion code techniques to help manage our emotional life and releasing trapped emotions. I loved it. Thank you with all my heart to you all, especially the horses!


Carer Retreat, June 2023

Beautiful energy - from the gate! I left my thoughts crowding my head, I tuned into the energy of the land, animals and the gift of nature. Very special space. Highly recommend!


Airbnb Accommodation, January 2023

The location is magic and the overall experience was very special. Waking up to the sound of horses just outside our window was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and found the stable accommodation very clean and comfortable. We will definitely be back. Thanks Soo!

Get a deeper sense of connection to the Earth and to one another


Emotional healing


Holistic health and wellness


Mindfulness in nature


Natural and alternative healing modalities


Community and connection


Accommodation stays

Disconnect from your daily routine. Reconnect with nature.

We collaborate with experienced, accredited practitioners to offer a range of natural and alternative healing modalities for the benefit of both humans and animals.


A few kind words from past guests


E-MOTIONS (Emotion Code), April 2023

I came to the workshop expecting to experience some self learning and awareness but not necessarily new knowledge. Learning about shared emotions and absorbed emotions was extremely powerful and increased my self awareness and understanding of past trauma. This wellbeing workshop met needs for self understanding and inspiration.


Somatic Connection, September 2023

I have been very aware of uncomfortable physical sensations in my body for a long time. Through the techniques that Judy has taught me today, I feel that I now have hope and skills to help alleviate these feelings in my body and move on in my life. Many thanks!


CONNECT (DRU Yoga), November 2022

I felt welcome from the start. The highlight for me was the interaction with the horses. Soo & the team go to a lot of effort to make sure everyone is comfortable and well catered for. The day has been informative, fun and very healing. The interaction with the horses was such a beautiful experience. I highly recommend the retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to the events by myself?
Absolutely, you’re more than welcome to join our events solo! You’ll find it to be a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and like-minded individuals.
Are your retreats and workshops inclusive?
Yes, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. Our retreats and wellbeing workshops are offered both for the individual and for groups, whether they be corporate, teams, women, carers, and so forth. We also offer a safe and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of background, gender, age, or ability.
Do you offer wellness retreat accommodation?
We have an Airbnb accommodation designed to enhance your wellness experience.
Do you cater to dietary requirements and allergies?
Yes, we do. We take pride in offering a diverse menu that includes organic, vegan, gluten-free options, and more. We’re passionate about nourishing your body with the finest ingredients, many of which are grown right here on site, ensuring you get the freshest meals and produce possible.

If you have questions about our events, we’re only a phone call away: +61 411 623 479.
You can also reach out using our contact form.