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Highlands centre for Healing

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In the breathtaking expanses of the NSW Southern Highlands, a refuge and sanctuary awaits those in pursuit of profound connection: Highlands Centre for Healing. The perfect place for all who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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‘Eureka Pines’, 674 Nowra Road,
MOSS VALE NSW 2577, Australia
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About Soo

Soo ~ your therapist who actually understands you

Feeling lost, run down, or overwhelmed?

I’ve been there, and I’ve found my way back.

Hello, I’m Soo Woods! As someone who has found solace and strength amidst the tranquillity of nature, I know the weight of life’s burdens all too well — the constant stress, the emotional turmoil, the feeling of being disconnected from your true self.

I found a way to a new me, a life filled with joy. Horses, nature and alternative therapies were what’s worked for me.

In a world that often feels cold and disconnected, here at the Highlands Centre for Healing, you will be truly seen, heard, and understood.

I’ll help you process all the hurt that you’ve been hiding …

… that invisible, internal pain.

Whether you are aware of your traumas or not, dealing with them can be an everyday struggle.

Our bodies remember the trauma, even if our minds have tried to bury it and move on.

Until we heal our traumas, situations will trigger emotional and physical reactions, like muscle tension, a racing heart, or even full-blown panic attacks.

Not to mention all the situations we attract due to beliefs that lie deep within our consciousness!

I want to help you process these ‘undigested life experiences’ and traumas. Remove your body’s reaction to those old triggers, so you can live a life of calm, confidence, and connection.

My life’s mission

I’m a trauma trained somatic practitioner and draw from over a decade of dedicated work in the field of holistic healing, I have immersed myself deeply in the transformative power of equine therapy and alternative therapies. I offer a nuanced approach tailored to every individual’s unique needs and experiences.

My credentials extend beyond paper. Having facilitated thousands of holistic healing sessions, I’ve witnessed the profound shifts in individuals as they navigate their challenges, rediscover their love for life, and learn to truly embrace themselves.

My profound connection with my horses amplifies the therapeutic experience. This connection underscores my commitment: to lead you into deeper explorations of emotional intelligence and regulation, using both learned expertise and intuitive guidance.

I’m passionate about helping you find your authentic self, live without stress, anxiety, fears and doubts.

I would love to help you create a positive, expansive life, knowing – and LOVING – who you truly are, inside and out.

A huge thank you Soo for sharing your beautiful space and horses to help me move forward on my healing journey. You have created an amazing place where I felt safe to share, with people who are all experiencing life as well. Also the food was amazing. Cannot recommend enough.


Participant in E-MOTIONS (Emotion Code), April 2023

Soo’s stay was one of the best. I went with a friend for a relaxing getaway and couldn’t have had a better time. Soo was incredibly accommodating – offering to light the fire for us, having a beautiful space ready and accommodating to our schedule with horse therapy reiki session… Would recommend everyone to stay here and will definitely try to come back sometime soon!

Stayed in "The Stables" Airbnb, August 2023

I'd love to help you find your Authentic Self

  • Discover why you are who you are
  • Heal the root-cause of underlying distress and dis-ease
  • Learn how to support yourself moving forward. Get expert guidance on health, wellbeing and equine experiences
  • Step into a life that you love; one that you thought was out of your reach

Here’s my promise

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to witness healing in another.

You can choose to work with me:

  • 1:1 ~ through EMBRACING AUTHENTICITY, which incorporates holistic, alternative therapies. We will explore what is holding you back, causing you pain and find ways to heal the underlying cause. I’ll provide personalised guidance for your entire wellbeing journey,


  • join a workshop or retreat 

The result is complete change. 

You will experience your future differently to the past. You will feel seen, heard, and deeply connected – to both yourself and others.

Experience private sessions or a wellness retreat that makes you buzz with aliveness and gratitude for being alive.

The Highlands Centre for Healing Experience

In the heart of the NSW countryside, just outside Moss Vale, I’ve carved out a sanctuary. Not just for me and the domesticated and wild beings who’ve found their way here, but for souls like yours seeking refuge, healing, and an authentic reconnection to themselves.

Our herd of therapy horses live in nature. They truly are nature’s therapists. Born Reiki Masters, they offer healing and unconditional love.

Your Experience at our sanctuary is guaranteed to rebalance your inner equilibrium. You won’t want to leave! (and that’s not just what we say, it’s the voice of past guests!)

From holistic approaches and alternative therapies to Reiki healing and somatic therapy, I’ll provide personalised guidance for your entire wellbeing journey.