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In the breathtaking expanses of the NSW Southern Highlands, a refuge and sanctuary awaits those in pursuit of profound connection: Highlands Centre for Healing. The perfect place for all who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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‘Eureka Pines’, 674 Nowra Road,
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Trial Riding For Women

Connect with other female horse lovers

Bring back those memories ...

… the smells, the sounds, the feelings

Once a horse lover, always a horse lover!

Women who loved horses as a kid, inevitably find they are hit by the urge to reconnect as they get older. The passion, the dreams, the connection are indisputable.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

Winston Churchill

Horse Trail Riding in the Australian bush 

A space for you to connect and make new friends

We offer experienced Women riders the opportunity to fulfill their yearning to re-connect with horses, make new friends (hairy & human), AND to carve out dedicated time for self-care!

Our horses are calm and sensible, and benefit from gentle exercise out in the adjacent State Forest.

Rides are generally walk only, and limited in number to just a few participants.

Bareback & bitless strongy encouraged – but we also understand the need for the security of a saddle, particularly if you haven’t ridden for a while.


women horse riding in australian bush

We currently offer two different options for Horse Trail Riding for Women:


Days and times will vary according to the season.

Rides approx 1hr; allow 1hr 30mins to include grooming, tacking up & putting away.

Experienced riders only please, for the horses sake.

COST: $140 for a once-off ride or $440 for 4 rides (weekly or fortnightly OK)


Last Saturday of each month, we share a 3hr experience with the herd.

Includes a trail ride (approx 1hr), a ground-based activity giving back to the horse, and finish with afternoon tea in with the herd.

Experienced riders only please, for the horses sake.

COST: $225

What Other Women Just Like You Say

I thoroughly enjoyed my riding experience at Highlands Centre for Healing. Riding thought the beautiful bushland was pure bliss. My lovely equine partner Scooby was so kind and honest and kept me very safe. Look forward to my next ride.


I had the most enjoyable day with Soo, the other women and of course the horses and dogs last Saturday at the Women’s Equine Afternoon. For me it was an afternoon of escape in nature as we were surrounded by forest, listening to the birds and enjoying the company of each other and our horses. The horses were a delight to be around and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event.


What a great experience I have every time I go for a ride. The horses are great, kind , and safe to be around . I have loved making new friends with the same interests . If you haven’t ridden in a while come along and get your confidence back, Any age can do it. Soo is a great host. I highly recommend it.